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"I get lots of attention regardless, no matter what I do or what I wear or where I go, but I like it," said Scarlet Red.

"Even if I try to be just casual, like throw on a T-shirt or a sweater, I'm still going to get attention. My breasts are just impossible to hide." This is no ordinary woman you see every day of the week.

Scarlet had modeled a few times before SCORE and one of her friends was a SCORE Girl, who recommended us to Scarlet. We need friends like that. They're great model recruiters.

"Sometimes I just want to go buy milk and come home. I don't want attention. I don't want to deal with men trying to pick me up or women looking at me in bad ways. Then I'll wear sports pants and a very casual top. But like I said, I just cannot hide them. They're so big. How can I hide breasts this big? It's impossible." Read More »
Featuring: Scarlet Red
Date: January 20th, 2024
Duration: 13:25

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