The boobs & the boots of a blonde brickhouse Brit

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The boobs & the boots of a blonde brickhouse Brit

The expression "kinky boots" meant little to me until Shannon Blue started modeling. We pursued her after the editors saw her photo in a British tabloid newspaper. It took a while to get her into our studio.

"I've broken a few bra hooks," Shannon said. "They tend to bend under pressure. But I've never broken a swimsuit or bikini strap. That kind of material is stretchy. Stretchy tops are what I like to wear."

What Shannon wears in this scene is quintessentially British. The Latex clothing. The boots. Correction: the kinky boots.

Shannon was not a nudist, swinger, model or stripper before this. She's a mother and a grandmother who worked in an office. "I suppose I am a GILF," she said.

Shannon did go to a nudist resort. "I tried it once in the UK," she said. "It was a good feeling. Very liberating."

After getting a divorce, Shannon did a 180-degree lifestyle transformation and jacked up her tits. She got tattoos. She had her nipples and pussy pierced. She also has piercing eyes,… Read More »
Featuring: Shannon Blue
Date: June 16th, 2021
Duration: 16:49

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