Shelby Gibson, Everything Girl

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Shelby Gibson, Everything Girl

"As an amateur I worry sometimes that I'm not hot enough or the guys don't like me enough but my view numbers and comments keep going up so I guess I must be doing something right?"

So said reader's wife Shelby Gibson, a super-busty lady who has never had to worry about where she stands with SCORELAND members and SCORE readers. They love this lovely beauty from her pretty face to her huge tits to her curvy body to her hairy pussy and down her shapely legs. A lot of thanks go to Mr. Gibson for giving his wife the blessing to come here, pose nude and suck and fuck hung studs (stud, that is; she's only fucked JMac, her favorite), but the bulk of the thanks go to Shelby for having the personality, the body, the style and the willingness to turn us on.

Elliot revealed that Shelby bought a sexy dress just for this scene. As he wrote, "She'll probably wear it when she goes out and give people an eyeful of her busty and curvy body." In the scene, Shelby fucks her ass with a… Read More »

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Featuring: Shelby Gibson
Date: September 7th, 2022
Duration: 15:25

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