Stunning Sigal's tits in tight tops show

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Stunning Sigal's tits in tight tops show

A tits in tight tops show from Sigal Acon is a real treat. Sigal is one of the most-beautiful girls we've ever featured, but one can look at a girl's face for only so long before one's gaze wanders down to her big, natural tits. Sigal has a pair of beauties.

Sigal said, "I don't need to dress in something special to show off my breasts. People say I have killer looks. Even in simple clothes, I get so much attention."

Sigal definitely got our attention when she came our way in 2019. I remember pretty much stopping the presses to get her into the first issue of SCORE in which she appeared, Vol. 28 No. 5. Four months later, we flew her to Miami and gave her the royal treatment. I had the pleasure of interviewing her, and she was extremely pleasant and personable. She even gave us a Russian lesson and taught me how to pronounce her name. It's Siggle, as in jiggle.

SCORELAND: You like attention, don't you?

Sigal: I love it. That's why I'm here. [Laughs]

SCORELAND: What do you like… Read More »
Featuring: Sigal Acon
Date: November 24th, 2022
Duration: 20:48

Member Comments

1 year ago 

“I like the way my tits shake” so do we with your phenomenal curvy body

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