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Beach baby

"I live in Toronto, Canada, so I have to be bundled up for half the year," beautiful Taylor Steele told us. Toronto is a cool city, but it's not Miami where girls walk around in bikinis and high heels.

How does Taylor dress in Toronto?

"I dress casual when I go out with friends and I dress like a porn star when I'm on a date," she said. Works for me!

We sent a photographer to Toronto since U.S. laws prevent Canadians from modeling within America. It's a shame that Taylor can't wear skimpy clothes all year round. I feel sad for my Canadian cousins.

Jose, our photographer, talked about Taylor when he got back to Miami. Jose has photographed thousands of models and Taylor impressed him.

"That night, we went out to dinner with Taylor in Toronto and she told everyone she saw, 'I'm shooting for SCORE! I'm a SCORE model!' She's one of the nicest, most vivacious girls I've ever shot, and she can't wait to see herself on SCORELAND."

Did being a SCORE model change Taylor's life?

"Some… Read More »
Featuring: Taylor Steele
Date: November 28th, 2023
Duration: 14:37

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seeing her naked makes me cum everytime

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