A busty MILF who came, came and went

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A busty MILF who came, came and went

What do I know about Valentina Monroe? Not a lot, I'm sorry to say. I do know she's a MILF with big, tan-lined naturals that would look great with a cock between them, but that never happened, at least not on-camera. I'm sure it's happened a lot of times in her personal life. Valentina's modeling career consisted of one day in 2013. She shot two solo scenes, appeared once in Voluptuous and once in SCORE, made a splash on SCORELAND and that was it.

Elliot told me that Valentina thought a long time about modeling for The SCORE Group before she decided to get her tits out. Then, one day, she dropped by the TSG building in Miami, Florida and was given a guided tour. She kept in touch after that but still wasn't sure if she would pose. It took her a few months for her to finally say yes. I'm glad she did.

"I get a lot of attention," said Valentina, who has very firm DDD-cups and used to model for bikini catalogs. "I feel good about that. I love going to the beach and spending time… Read More »
Featuring: Valentina Monroe
Date: October 31st, 2022
Duration: 10:46

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